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Interview with Islands Girl:

Oksana Silchuk invited us into her home and is sharing where she finds inspiration, what she loves about her home, and some of her favorite holiday traditions with her family. 

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Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I am Oksana! A mom to 4 little humans ages 8 and under and a gal who married her soulmate. Living, learning, making mistakes, learning again, and creating is my forte. 

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We absolutely adore your home. Where do you find inspiration for it all?

Huge compliment! Thank you! Simplicity and slow-pace living was important to us and we did our best to represent that. We recently built a new home outside of city limits, put in as many big windows as possible and incorporated a ton of neutral tones. The neutral color palette and natural light makes our home feel like an oasis where we can experience deep rest for our body, mind and soul. But let’s be real, Pinterest helped a lot too! Haha.

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What is your favorite corner in your home?

This depends on what time of day it is! When we designed our home, we tried being intentional about the positioning of the windows to maximize natural light. Seeing the sun dance from one wall to another is my absolute favorite.

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Tell us a little bit about where you live and why you love it?

We live in the state of South Dakota. To be specific, we live on the outskirts of an already small town. We're surrounded by massive pine trees and beautiful nature. Truly a place where you can hear yourself think. Next door to us is a horse farm and the kids love to go say hi to our neyyy-bors! 

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What is the most special piece of decor in your home and why?

Definitely the massive, floating, steel, kitchen shelf my husband built/welded that’s functional yet beautiful. It has a very thin profile but can hold an endless amount of weight. We've never seen it done before- we still can't believe we pulled it off. Fun fact, it weighs over 200lbs and had to be installed before sheetrock. 

What meals will be going down in your kitchen for the holidays?

Kids and I love making raspberry apple pie, served with ice cream, of course! We also love making dishes that celebrate our Ukrainian roots. 

Do you have any favorite traditions with your family at home during the holidays?

Focusing on the real reason for the season, gratitude and appreciation is my favorite tradition. Deep and meaningful conversations with our kids is what I live for. And of course, making lots of cookies, dancing to jingle bells, playing in the snow, presents… ahh just the best time of year! I can’t wait! 


Your current favorite Islands look?

Faithfull The Brand Rupina bottoms in crinkle white are soo my vibe - it's embarrassing how many times I already have worn them! Also the Zulu & Zephyr knit top and the timeless Maxwell Trench makes this ma feel fancy!

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