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Interview with Islands Girl:

We're traveling with Islands Girl Sarah Cagle to Ocracoke, NC to see how she is spending her birthday & the holidays with her husband on a boat.

Hi Sarah, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi I'm Sarah! I live just north of Islands, in Virginia Beach, Virginia with my husband and our pup! I work as a content creator, brand photographer, and social media manager. I enjoy spending time outdoors, at the beach in the summertime, and going for walks at our local wildlife refuge. 

What was your trip like and do you have any recommendations?

Our trip to Ocracoke was a perfect and peaceful getaway in the midst of this holiday season. We spent most of the trip aboard the sailboat drinking hot coffee & watching the seabirds fly in and out of the harbor. I highly recommend renting a sailboat to stay on, it was such a unique and fun experience! Grab a latte from Magic Bean Caffe and walk or bike around the island! We did a little bit of sightseeing and visited the Ocracoke Lighthouse.

Do you have any other big holiday plans?

We'll be home for the holidays spending time with our families! I love taking this time of year to unwind, enjoy cozy nights at home with my husband and pup by the Christmas tree, celebrating family traditions. 

We love having you as a regular content creator. Do you have goals to do more with this creative work?

I have loved creating content for Islands, and definitely have goals to expand my skillset and do more creative work! I absolutely love being behind the camera and seeing my visions come to life through images. 

What was your favorite island look that you wore on your trip?

I love a simple blue jean outfit, so I'd say my favorite look was pairing the Agolde Baggy Jeans with Lacausa turtleneck sweater. It was perfect for biking around town and lounging on the deck.

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